Have Faith – Day 3


I have two fun faithful cards to share with you. The first says, ”In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” This tells us we have a choice in how we react and treat others. We can be anything, so why would you want to be anything but kind?

The second card says, ”I need a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.” Jesus is like the espresso in my latte. Today, I needed a triple shot of espresso in my latte! It was one of those days!

I hope you have a wonderful night. Until tomorrow…


Have Faith – Day 2

Welcome and happy Tuesday.

Today I am pleased to share with you two more faith-inspired cards. The first is, ”I am a child of God.” This reminds me that it is ok not to be perfect. God loves all of our imperfections. To Him we are perfect. We are His children.

The other card says, ”Let us always rejoice in His word.” This statement makes my heart happy.

Until tomorrow,


Hot Cocoa Packs – Part 2

I finished the hot cocoa pack order for my coworker. She requested 35 sets! She was thrilled with the finished result. Reach out if you would like to hear about my process. You can also click on the link below for what inspired this project.


I am off to the airport to pick up my son for Christmas! Comment below and share your special holiday plans.

Keep creating!!