Have Faith – Day 5


I love the next set of cards I am sharing with you today. The first one says, ”God gave me you.” I have multiple sets of this card and I plan on giving them to my children. I’m so blessed God gave me such beautiful children. They make me very proud.

The second card says, ”Love one another as I have loved you.” This is so important, especially during those times when we may start acting unkindly to someone. We need to remember God wants us to always be kind and caring to our neighbors.

Until tomorrow!

Have Faith – Day 3


I have two fun faithful cards to share with you. The first says, ”In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” This tells us we have a choice in how we react and treat others. We can be anything, so why would you want to be anything but kind?

The second card says, ”I need a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.” Jesus is like the espresso in my latte. Today, I needed a triple shot of espresso in my latte! It was one of those days!

I hope you have a wonderful night. Until tomorrow…


Have Faith – Day 2

Welcome and happy Tuesday.

Today I am pleased to share with you two more faith-inspired cards. The first is, ”I am a child of God.” This reminds me that it is ok not to be perfect. God loves all of our imperfections. To Him we are perfect. We are His children.

The other card says, ”Let us always rejoice in His word.” This statement makes my heart happy.

Until tomorrow,


Have Faith – Day 1


Today I begin a new series of greeting cards and this week’s theme is, ”Have Faith.”

I purchased Echo Park’s paperback, ”Have Faith” from Amazon. I absolutely love their paper. Not to sound weird, but the smell of new paper is intoxicating to me. This pack was no different.

I particularly like the set of cards I’m sharing tonight. I connect with the card that says, ”Faith Over Fear.” When life gets so dark and scary, it is sometimes difficult to have faith. But those are the times it is so important to hold on to our faith. It will guide us through those rough times.

Have a great night,


Valentine’s Day – Day 6


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Today, I would like to share with you the next installment of my Valentine’s Day greeting cards. I love how frilly this card looks. Again, it was made with my Cricut and blinged up with gems.

I’m excited to have so many cards to share with family. I can’t wait to send them out and imagine their reactions.

Do you send Valentine’s Day cards?

Until tomorrow…

Keep crafting,


Valentine’s Day Cards – Day 2


Today, I would like to share with you another fun card I made with my Cricut. This card has very intricate cuts. Unfortunately, my Cricut doesn’t always cut perfectly for me. But, that’s ok! I used this imperfection to fancy my card with lots of bling. It’s amazing how you can turn an ”oops” into something very pretty.

How do you fix your ”oops” moments?

Until tomorrow…

Keep crafting,

Becky ❤️

Happy Birthday 🎈 Day 5


Today I would love to share with you this fun shaker card. I have not made a shaker card for over a year, but I found an informative video by Lorrie Nunemaker which simplified the process. You can view her video by clicking on the link below.


I was able to use my Cricut Explorer to get the perfect cuts. I took Lorrie’s advice and used fun foam to pop up the card instead of foam tape. I haven’t used fun foam before and I loved it for this project.

For the shaker bits, I used sequins I purchased for my daughter years ago! I’m so happy I kept them

For the strings, I used twine I purchased from Michael’s and adhered them to the card by using art glitter glue from Amazon.

My ”oops” moment came after I filled the shaker with sequins, aligned cardstock over the opening and then proceeded to turn the card over to make sure everything looked centered. Can you figure out which step I forgot? Yep, I forgot to adhere the cardstock over the opening! Sequins went flying everywhere 😊

What’s one of your most recent ”oops” moments?

Keep crafting,


Happy Birthday 🎈Day 3


Today I would like to show you a fun birthday card full of an assortment of elements. First I stamped a few flowers with various patterns and in different colors. I then stamped out a large Birthday sentiment and inked the paper to create interest. Finally, I attached a cute balloon cut from glitter paper and attached some twine to create the string. I popped up the balloon and sentiment to give the card dimension and more interest.

I’m having fun with these birthday cards. Is there a special birthday card design you would like to see?

Happy crafting!

❤️Becky ❤️

Happy Birthday 🎈 Day 2


Tonight I would like to share with you a Pinterest inspired Birthday card. I used my favorite birthday embossing folder in my cuddlebug to create the perfect background. I then used some shimmering ribbon and a vintage black button to complete the card front. To finish off the card, I adhered the card front to brown kraft cardstock.

Share with me your latest Pinterest inspired gem!

(I must give my husband props for taking these photos!)