Wedding πŸ’’ Day 4


Just a quick note for today’s card. Small crisis with my husband and we are in the ER. He’s doing fine and we should be heading home soon!

Until tomorrow!

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    1. Hi! He went to fill up the lawn mower with gas, but there was air in the line. As soon as the air hit the gas in the mower, it sprayed up into his eyes. I had him run water into his eyes for 20 minutes but they were still pretty irritated. The hospital ended up flushing them again with some solution and gave him an eye ointment with antibiotics. He’s much better today. Thanks for asking Steven!!

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      1. That sounds pretty unpleasant! Reminds me of when I was on holiday as a teenager and had a painful reaction to a strongly chlorinated swimming pool. My eyes really burned! I couldn’t open them for a couple of days. Glad he’s doing better today!

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