Vintage Wit 不 Day 3


I made a full recovery from my emergency laser surgery. I went in for a regular eye exam on Monday and the Dr. said I had a torn retina and needed laser surgery within the next two days. He said I was in danger of having retinal detachment. He said it would be a simple, zip, zip, zip around the tear and I would be as good as new. Well, it was more like a ZAP, ZAP, ZAP for a good 5 minutes straight. It was pretty intense. It doesn’t help that the nerves in my eye that he fixed have never developed so it’s considered a lazy eye. It would not cooperate and look in the different directions he needed me to look. Anyway-I am glad it is behind me and pray it doesn’t happen again

Tonight, I want you all to know how fabulous you are and how excited I am that you are enjoying my blog. I really thought it would just be a private journal of my cards, but I truly feel a sense of community with all of you!

Until tomorrow…

Becky 弘

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  1. That surgery sounds really uncomfortable, I think you’re very brave. I just hope they have done a good job.

    By the way, the changes you made to the design of your blog look really good

    Have a lovely day!

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  2. So glad the emergency eye surgery went well, though it didn’t sound very pleasant. It’s amazing what they do with lasers now-a-days. These vintage cards are awesome!

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