Get Well Day 3


I heard today we are getting more snow this weekend! It’s crazy. There isn’t any place for the plows to move the snow to.

Today I was driving and what used to be two lanes, was now only one lane because of the snow completely covered one full lane. Of course I was in the wrong lane and almost got into an accident trying to move over. As I drove further down the road, a big truck with a plow, went into the intersection right as I was coming down the hill. I had to come to a complete stop and then proceed to go around him because he was too big to back up.

I sure hope it is nice and warm where you are today

Tonight I have another handcrafted card to share with you that was inspired by Catherine Pooler Designs. I used her inks and stamps. I also used my Empress by Anna Griffin to emboss the card front. the little butterfly is from The Dollar Tree. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow…


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  1. So Pretty, I love the butterfly addition
    Sorry to hear about your snow dilemma’s, Its the only reason i live in Florida, I’m allergic to that white cold stuff …
    Hopefully things warm up for you soon.


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