Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽˆ Day 5


Today I would love to share with you this fun shaker card. I have not made a shaker card for over a year, but I found an informative video by Lorrie Nunemaker which simplified the process. You can view her video by clicking on the link below.


I was able to use my Cricut Explorer to get the perfect cuts. I took Lorrieโ€™s advice and used fun foam to pop up the card instead of foam tape. I haven’t used fun foam before and I loved it for this project.

For the shaker bits, I used sequins I purchased for my daughter years ago! I’m so happy I kept them

For the strings, I used twine I purchased from Michael’s and adhered them to the card by using art glitter glue from Amazon.

My โ€oopsโ€ moment came after I filled the shaker with sequins, aligned cardstock over the opening and then proceeded to turn the card over to make sure everything looked centered. Can you figure out which step I forgot? Yep, I forgot to adhere the cardstock over the opening! Sequins went flying everywhere ๐Ÿ˜Š

What’s one of your most recent โ€oopsโ€ moments?

Keep crafting,


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